KYN: J and T Sales

The thrift store has new products coming in every day.

EVELETH, Minn. — J and T sales in Eveleth has been open for five years, and after suffering a devastating fire back in 2018 where they had to toss most of their inventory, the store has come back stronger.

“It’s so fabulous because they are reasonable cost. You’re not going to spend a lot of pair of pants that somebody had and they are brand new,” J and T Sales Volunteer, Lutasha Mott says.

Staff say, there’s a little something for everyone.

“Lots of different things. There’s anything from jewelry, clothes, dishes, music, movies. We’ve got a DYI section. Vintage craft items available. Pet stuff comes through,” Mott says.

The thrift store has new products coming in every day.

“Lots of clothes, lots of shoes. Kitchen items. I guess it all depends on what the customer is looking for,” Mott says

She says, the friendly atmosphere that keeps people coming back.

“I also like being able to visit with the other customers that are in here. A lot of communication with other people in the area and in the community,” Mott says.

For more information on the store, click here.

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