Local Rehabilitation Center Finishes Renovations on Chatham Building

DULUTH, Minn-The Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, which works as an alcohol and drug treatment facility, recently completed a $2 million renovation on its campus in downtown Duluth.

The renovated Chatham building on East Second Street will allow them to increase the amount of men they can accommodate from 54 to 62 with the ability to add 10 more at a later time.  It will also provide each client with a better living situation, as clients can now live in three-bedroom, two-bedroom, or studio apartments at the site.

“So they’re gonna have just one roommate instead of five, to start. They’re gonna have more quiet space to do their studies. They’re gonna have, you know, just more laundry facilities. That doesn’t help with recovery necessarily, but they’re gonna have just an improved living situation all around,” said center director Brandon Torgerson.

It is important for the staff to be able to provide a nice, safe, and supportive environment for the men seeking treatment. The new layout will provide each client with a refuge as they work towards recovery.

“Now I have a door. I have my own space. I can study, I can do what I need to do to get healthy, to follow God, to follow Jesus, and to become, to re-become a member of this society” said Chris Hedblom.

The current clients are able to move into their new accommodations today with two new clients already scheduled to move in during the next week.

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