‘The Back Alley’ Provides Surfing Goods for Growing Northland Sport

Within the last two years, the back alley was made a reality.

DULUTH, Minn. — “Just in the last five years it’s really starting to spike up,” Back Alley Owner, Jerome Fischer says.

That growth led Jerome Fischer and his family to purchase this building in Lincoln Park

“For the last eight to ten years we’ve kind of been doing pop-ups and different events for the community,” Fischer says.

Within the last two years, the Back Alley was made a reality.

The store gives local artists a home in one of the only surf shops in the Twin Ports.

“There’s never been a spot to go say hey, I want to surf,” Fischer says.

“Where do I go? How do I go about it? What’s the right way to do it.” Just educating people on Lake Superior and getting out and enjoying the body of water but doing it in a respectful way,” he says.

A coffee shop is also an expansion of the store.

“Coffee is something that brings people together. That’s been a dream of mine,” Fischer says.

Fisher hopes that he can one day do this full time. But, for now, he’s happy helping his Lake Superior family grow.

“We have a pretty nice surf community up here. It’s super rad,” Fischer says.

For more information and store hours, click here.

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