EPA Continues Funding for Great Lakes Wetlands Monitoring with New Grant

DULUTH, Minn-UMD’s Natural Resources Research Institute recently received a $2.3 million dollar grant to continue their research in monitoring the Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

They are one of ten teams that monitor all wetland wildlife including birds, fish, bugs, plants, and amphibians around the Great Lakes. The data they collect is evaluated to determine if environmental changes are natural or the result of human activity.  It is then used for protection and restoration efforts.

“But up here where we can make sure that we’re not slipping, we’re not letting things accidentally get degraded just cause we’re not watching.  This makes sure that we’re watching and making sure that we keep Lake Superior as healthy as it can be,” said Valerie Brady, an aquatic ecologist for UMD.

The grant money will allow Great Lakes researchers to monitor 1,000 wetlands through 2025.

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