New Cars In Short Supply, While Used Car Trade-Ins At Highest Values Ever

SUPERIOR, Wis. — There’s a shortage of new cars being made overseas, as there’s a scarcity of microchips in the market that are used in vehicle computers.

Not only has the demand for microchips been high with new technology needed during the pandemic, but a recent factory fire in Japan and the Suez Canal ship situation made it that much worse.

However, the owner and general manager of Kari Toyota in Superior said that right now, the auto industry is looking at its best April on record for sales, and adds that the rate of sales is the fastest it has ever been in the market in the past four years.

He adds that the market for used cars is doing better than ever.

“It’s been a great time for people that have nice trades to trade them in, because their trades are worth way more than they’ve ever been worth before,” Chris Kari, the owner and general manager of Kari Toyota, said. “So if you can find a new car and you have a trade-in, it’s probably the best time ever for you to buy a car right now.”

Kari says that the demand for new cars is so high, the ones delivered to his dealership have usually already been bought by local customers before they even hit the sales floor.

He noted that drivers who are looking for a new car right now may have to compromise a little on the color or the features they want.


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