Poop Fairy Campaign Raises Awareness on Cleaning Up after Our Pets

DULUTH, Minn-The melting snow in our city parks and trails has exposed trail turds left behind over the winter.

Unfortunately, the Poop Fairy has been reported missing so it is up to us to clean up after our furry friends.  If left behind, pet waste can do a number on the water quality of rivers and lakes. The Regional Stormwater Protection Team is raising awareness and offering a bunch of information on what we can do to keep Northland waters clean and safe.

“Everyone can play a role in taking these small steps that will add up to protect Lake Superior, so we can get out and enjoy it all summer long,” said Andrea Crouse, co-chair of the Regional Stormwater Protection Team.

The higher concentration of nutrients in pet waste can cause algae blooms and beach closures which would stink.

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