Twin Ports Dermatology Offers Free Skin Checks for “Melanoma Monday”

DULUTH, Minn.– The first Monday in May is nationally recognized as “Melanoma Monday” to remind Americans of the risks of skin cancer as we head into summer.

Twin Ports Dermatology in Duluth offered free skin checks on Monday for new patients to raise awareness.

Dermatologists are teaching patients about the ABCDE’s, which is an acronym representing possible signs of of melanoma on moles to look out for.

One health care professional at Twin Ports Dermatology emphasized the importance of sun protection year-round and going in to having your skin looked at by a dermatologist annually.

“The biggest takeaway for skin checks is just to remember that one in seven Americans actually get skin cancer in their life which many people don’t realize, it is a pretty high risk factor,” Amy Larson, a certified nurse practitioner at the clinic, said.

All sunscreen purchases from Twin Ports Dermatology on “Melanoma Monday” went to a non-profit melanoma cancer society.

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