Bears Come A-Knockin’ At Home In Superior’s Billings Park

SUPERIOR, Wis. — We’re all coming out of hibernation with the nicer weather, including a  family of bears in Superior’s Billings Park neighborhood.

Ken Kurtz captured five black bears on his security camera and tried to scare them off the property by yelling through the mic on the camera while at his winter home in Palm Springs, California.

But he says the bears in the area have been getting very comfortable with humans, and his yelling only brought some of the curious bears right up to the house.

“The little guy stands up because he’s wondering where it’s coming from and then mama sees that video camera, the security camera, and I’m yelling at them and all of a sudden she’s looking at it and now she’s sniffing the thing and she’s got her paw up ripping at it. And it’s like, OK, these guys aren’t afraid of anything anymore,” said Ken Kurtz, a lifelong resident of Superior.

Ken says he’s really good about not having any food left outside and keeps garbage cans in the garage.

The Wisconsin DNR says that’s a good call because black bears can quickly learn to associate humans with food when food sources are available, like bird feeders, grilling outdoors and pet food left outside.

Click here for ways to avoid conflicts with bears in your neighborhood.

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