Canal Park Brewing Co. Reopens, Joins Businesses Anxious for Post-Pandemic Summer Tourism

After so much was canceled last summer, the businesses say with Bayfront Park's slate of events and the weather, traffic should increase.

DULUTH, Minn.- Canal Park Brewing Company has reopened for indoor dining after six months closed, just in time for a post-pandemic summer set to be busy with Bayfront festivals and events in the Canal.

“It’s been really awesome just to have the energy back in the building and beer on tap and the kitchen fired up for the first time in what, like 6 months?” said Addison Memmel, General Manager.

Its opening coincides with other Canal Park businesses anticipating a boom in summer tourism after the coronavirus put a damper on summer activities last year.

“We’re excited to bring another fixture to Canal Park back,” Memmel said. “We’re kinda the first place you see when you come over the bridge and really just wanna get people back out here on the patio and enjoy the atmosphere.”

While no customers have been in and out throughout the closure, management says the crew has been hard at work.

“Part of the closure was to regroup and really just make sure the facility was clean and up to our standards and everything like that,” said the General Manager.

They’ve constructed tall floor to ceiling dividers for the bar and in between tables where social distancing is a little tough. They also wanted to train their roughly 60 employees on new systems.

Meanwhile, other stores throughout Canal Park have been getting tastes of the summer crowds.

“We’re already seeing really busy weekends and as school gets out and people are getting excited and ready to travel we’re expecting a lot of people in Duluth and in Canal Park this summer,” said Amanda Kolb, Manager at Duluth Pack

At outdoor store Duluth Pack, Kolb said they’re ready to capitalize on Duluth’s attraction as a nature getaway.

“I think especially people are still kinda nervous to be in large crowds of people We’re a great stop as you’re headed into the outdoors,” she said. “Duluth itself is an amazing outdoor town and I think it draws a lot of people who are ready to get out there.”

After so much was canceled last summer, the businesses say Bayfront Park’s slate of events and the weather will be great, but what’s even better:

“The people,” said Memmel, out on Canal Park Brewing Company’s patio. At Duluth Pack, Kolb agreed. “I’m just excited to see people again.”

According to Memmel, it’s a precursor to Duluth providing that summer destination to travelers once again.

“Whether we’re the first stop on your way up the shore, or your last, we really just wanna make sure you have a good sendoff,” he said.

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