CHUM Announces A New Food Delivery Program Called CHUM2GO

DULUTH, Minn.– Churches United in Ministry announced a new food delivery program in Duluth on Thursday called CHUM2GO, an initiative that will be delivering pre-packed boxes of food to 120 households in Duluth a few times each month.

The program’s deliveries will begin next Tuesday to help people experiencing food insecurity.

“People are in dire need of fresh produce, fresh milk, fresh meat. Fresh products are always going to rank supreme in Duluth,” says Scott van Daele, CHUMS Distributive Services Director, “our goal is to really make life easier for people that are struggling, and it’s not just a COVID thing, it’s an everyday thing”.

In 2020 alone, the CHUM food program saw a 48% increase in multiple visits per household, showing a need for the CHUM2GO program.

CHUM is looking for people to help with these deliveries, and those in need are encouraged to apply. Visit their website to find more information on how to sign up or donate.

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