Superior Trailblazers Pool League Hosts Second Annual Tournament

The event recognizes the top eight players from the season.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Top Hat Tavern was the place to be Thursday night for the second annual Superior Trailblazers Pool League tournament.

The event recognizes the top eight players from the season, and this year’s installment features a special cause. Local pool player Jim Dalton was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 so the league decided to raise funds to help him and his family with medical costs.

“It wasn’t like I was pulling somebody’s arm. ‘Hey can you throw a couple dollars in here to help Jim out?’ It was like ‘how much do you need? when can I get it to you?’ And then beyond that, the local businesses in the area, I didn’t even have to make calls. I didn’t have to go door-to-door. They stepped up and they were more willing than ever to donate,” league operator Nick Olson said.

For full results from the tournament, head to the Superior Trailblazers Facebook page.

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