Gary New Duluth Rec Center Looking for Donations to Match Pledge

DULUTH, Minn.- The Gary New Duluth Community Center and Recreation Area recently received a pledge to match up to ten thousand dollars in donations.

The center, with operates through volunteer work and donations, is in the process of expanding their facilities with the construction of a skate park, small pavilion, and parking lot.  While the money will help go towards construction and other youth programs, the skate park will become the star attraction.

“This is a state of the art urban skate park design. We have approximately three thousand skateboarders in Duluth, and we expect to draw people from the Twin Cities, Rochester, Saint Cloud, within a hundred fifty, two hundred mile radius,” said GND Development Alliance president Mark Boben.

There is no current timetable for completion of the project due to progress being limited to donations they receive.

Click here for more information on the GND REC center and how to contribute.

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