New Movie Being Filmed Along the North Shore

TWO HARBORS, Minn.– The North Shore is seeing some action this week as Saint Paul native, Maximilliam Selim, and his crew are filming and producing a new movie called “Abroad”. The movie is a psychological thriller being filmed all the way up to Grand Marais, but today, a portion of the story was shot in Two Harbors.

“It’s been just so nice to work in these smaller communities that kind of welcome us with open arms,” said Selim, one of the movie producers.

Riki McManus, the Director at Upper Minnesota Film office, says the film business is good for the area because it benefits the community greatly.

“It’s putting people to work and also bringing money to places like hardware stores, and clothing stores,” McManus said.

Selim hired extras from the area to help out with the shoot, and says they’re focusing their budget on local businesses. He commented, “I hope that we’re repaying the favors of these towns being such good hosts to us, and we try our best to buy any materials we may need locally.”

With another potential state-wide tax credit on the horizon, Minnesota is hoping to draw in other production crews to provide more opportunities to the community.

McManus feels confident that it will benefit the community greatly, “the whole state will benefit if we get this tax credit and I really think were closer now than we ever have been.”

Selim says their crew did not come to the area specifically for incentives, but the Upper Midwest Film Office has been instrumental in helping him execute his production, and he agrees the state-wide tax credit would be beneficial as well, “that’s another thing that I think is going to be really good for this community and bring this industry up here because its such a beautiful place.”

McManus said the bill is in the Conference Comittee now, hoping it will go to Omnibus in the State Senate soon. Currently, Saint Louis County also offers up an incentive program investing $1 million dollars in the program in 2021. Productions can receive a rebate of up to 25% of all production spending for goods, services and wages within the county.

Currently there are two films being shot in the Northland now, one in Duluth called “The Hand That Feeds”, and Selim’s “Abroad” on the North Shore.


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