Non-Profit Maternity Home Seeking Donations to Relocate

DULUTH, Minn.– A Duluth non-profit has been helping pregnant mothers in need for almost two years, but the Star of the North Maternity Home needs to find a new location.

The current Star of the North Maternity House has been sold, and relocation to a new place has to happen by the end of the month. $60,000 is needed for a down payment and donations are now close to that goal, but fundraising efforts continue to try to exceed that total.

“The community has been overwhelmingly generous right now and we just hope we can keep that momentum right now to get us into the home,” Susan McClernon, the founder of Star of the North, said.

Star of the north needs more space to accommodate pregnant women and mothers with infants because the demand has grown substantially in recent months. More than 60 applicants have asked for help over the past couple of years, and the maternity home has provided what these mothers and babies need, in a structured environment.

“We know that anything we can do in utero to help the moms be less stressed improves the brain development and the development of the baby so that’s why were here,” said McClernon.

Star of the North offers this refuge to pregnant women and infants experiencing domestic abuse, homelessness, or are transitioning between housing.
To find out more ways to donate, visit their website for further information.

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