Grandmas Marathon to Allow Spectators and Post-Race Celebration at Bayfront Festival Park

DULUTH, Minn.– Since more restrictions were lifted, one of Duluth’s most popular events of the summer is back with an in-person race and more.

It was a welcome turn of events for Grandmas Marathon, when they found out restrictions had been lifted, and they are more than excited to announce spectators will be invited, and the post-race celebration will go on for race day, June 19th.

Although they are only operating at half capacity, they still have 10,000 athletes racing, and are anticipating an even larger crowd. Due to the attendance they are expecting, this years free post-race celebration will be held at Bayfront Festival Park featuring live musical acts to allow for celebrations at a comfortable distance.

“Moving over to Bayfront gives us more space, its a venue built for exactly what we want to do which is bring people together, celebrate the day and the weekend,”┬ásaid Zach Schneider, Grandma’s Marathon Marketing and Public Relations Director.

With this race being one of the biggest to return to the country since the COVID-19 pandemic, Schneider says there are going to be a lot of eyes on Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, so they are excited to have the race and show that Duluth is taking a step in the right direction, “it’s something that signifies we see the light at the end of the tunnel, not just in Duluth but in the special event planning industry as a whole”.

Schneider said it didn’t feel quite right last June without the race, so it feels good to bring it back to the community and try to make it feel as traditional as possible. Racers are not required to wear masks, but the spectators will if there’s more than 500 people in the area. Grandma’s Marathon will take place the weekend of June 17th -19th other than the big race there will also be a health expo, spaghetti dinner and half marathon.

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