Duluth Playhouse Names New Executive Director

DULUTH, Minn.– The pandemic has continued to put a strain on many businesses and organizations over the past year, including the theater and performing arts sector in Duluth. Now, some new faces are hoping to get the theater ready for a comeback.

It was the first week on the job for Wes Drummond, the new Executive Director of the Duluth Playhouse. Drummond says he’s ready to get the organization going post-pandemic.

At the Norshor Theater, Drummond has hit the ground running during his first week as the playhouse’s top director and is excited to help all facets of the organization.

“I love to see what’s going on with our marketing, see what’s going on with our season selection and I’m excited to meet the people,” said Drummond.

Spending his first two days working with previous Director Christine Gradl Seitz, who’s held that position for the last 21 years and will now be an executive consultant for the theater.

“I’m so thankful to be able to spend time with Christine and to absorb all of the information and wisdom she has,” he said.

Drummond spent years performing in Chicago and has over a decade of experience directing in New York City, working with Broadway directors before earning his masters in directing from Penn State. The same as current producing artistic director Phillip Fazio, who was hired just last year.

“I’ve studied these people who have been groundbreaking in this art form and then I get to be in the same room with them and watch them work. And that’s been really exciting,” said Drummond.

After sold out audiences for their Charlotte’s Web performance last month and more shows planned for the coming months, Drummond will continue learning from those who came before him. And says the playhouse has been put in a great position to succeed post pandemic.

“This just feels right. And then when I came here and I interviewed just the energy of Duluth, the vibe of Duluth, the fact that there is a thriving art scene here,” said Drummond. “So that I can then pick up the torch and keep going and bring the playhouse to even bigger heights that maybe none of us can even dream up yet.”

For a complete list of shows for the season at the Duluth Playhouse, you can check out norshortheater.com.

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