Virginia Police Arrest Suspect in Fatal Stabbing Following 7-Hour Search

40-year-old Derek Malevich is being held on preliminary charges of second-degree murder at the Saint Louis County Jail in Virginia.

VIRGINIA, Minn.-  A hours-long manhunt in Virginia Wednesday for a man suspected of stabbing a woman to death in his own apartment ended at a nearby hotel — where they took 40-year-old Derek Malevich into custody.

“A buddy of mine was asking if I was okay he said ‘yeah there was just a stabbing like just down the block from my house.’ So I was just making sure everybody was okay see what was going on stuff like that,” said Avory Deegan, who lives nearby the crime scene.

Virginia Police say they received a call for help around 2 a.m, from a man saying he had stabbed someone in his apartment located on the 100 block of 5th Street South, and that the victim might be dead.

“90% of the time it’s pretty peaceful here, but I mean that other 10% I guess obviously stuff like this happens,” said Deegan.

When officers arrived, they located a female victim with multiple stab wounds to the head and neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

It’s not yet known what type of relationship the victim and suspect had, and the victim’s identity has also not been released yet.

Police say the caller fled the area before officers arrived at the apartment.

The hunt then began for the man they believed responsible — 40-year-old Derek Malevich.

He was then located around 9 a.m. in a room at the Quality Inn Suites in Virginia and arrested a short time later.

Meanwhile, longtime Virginia residents like Deegan say the incident is making them cautious in what they thought was a quiet area.

“It is pretty off-putting to hear about this kind of stuff especially this close. And knowing like my neighbors’ kids and all this kind of stuff you know what I mean, it isn’t safe for them to be running around — when it should be,” he said.

Deegan added, he feels there’s been a spike in crime in recent years. “These last 2, 3, or 4 years you’re right it’s like one thing after another it seems you know what I mean? Like when does it stop?”

The Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension and Virginia Police Department are investigating the homicide.

Malevich is being held on preliminary charges of second-degree murder at the Saint Louis County Jail in Virginia.

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