Duluth Comfort Systems Finding a Way for City to Catch Up on Late Utility Bills

DULUTH, Minn.– Almost 1,800 people are late on utility bill payments adding up to almost $1.0 million, but Duluth’s Comfort Systems is trying to find a way to get everyone caught up.

Come July 26th, the company expects to return to normal operations, and is mailing out letters to inform people that if bills are not paid, shut offs will begin in August.

To assist those having trouble with payments, Minnesota passed a new assistance program called ‘RentHelpMN’, and Comfort Systems is encouraging people to use it. “It’s really imperative that customers get that assistance now while its available and before any funds run out,” said Lydia Schroeder, Comfort Systems Project Coordinator,”we are working together and to make sure that people can get those bills paid”.

‘RentHelpMN’ allows people who are eligible renters to catch up with late utilities or rent payments. To find more information on how to apply, click here.



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