Superior Fire Department Warns Public About Dry Conditions Causing Wildfires

SUPERIOR, Wis.– With warmer weather on the way, that means people are going to start doing more outdoor activities especially having camp fires. But with those comes the dangers of a possible wildfire.

This spring is drier than normal, and the Superior Fire Department is warning the public to be smart, as an increased amount of wildfires are happening in the area.

Although a low amount of humidity, lack of rain, and plenty of sunshine sounds like a nice summer forecast, it can also be a disaster for fire accidents. The Battalion Chief at Superior Fire Department, Howard Huber, said the reason for that is the lack of snow in the winter, “we didn’t get a lot of snowfall over the winter, a lot of times if we get enough snow, it will knock down that standing grass and vegetation but because we didn’t, the [dry] grass is still standing”.

This causes a huge fire hazard in the warmer months especially with campfires, cigarettes and fireworks being a few of the main reasons wildfires start, so the department is advising the public to not have fires until the summer vegetation is in full effect.

Huber said, “it’s critical that the public is aware of what they can do to help prevent wildfires from starting, the real key to managing wildfires is to catch them early, and put them out when they’re still small”.

If you are still planning on having a fire, being at least 15 feet from the closest structure or vegetation is advised, as well as placing a screen over the fire to prevent sparks from landing on flammable materials or spaces.

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