Local Shriners Hold Barbeque Fundraiser for Health Care Facilities

DULUTH, Minn.– The smell of a cookout at a handful of SuperOne parking lots in the Twin Ports doesn’t just smell good — it’s also doing some good in the area.

Area Shriners held their 23rd Hot Dog and Brat Fundraiser to help raise money for an outpatient clinic in Woodbury, Minnesota along with helping children with medical issues in the Northland. The cookout was not held last year due to the pandemic. Nearly 700 hot dogs, all donated by local vendors, will help the Shriners raise close to $15,000.

“We had to kind of schedule at the last minute but SuperOne was great enough to say, ‘We can do it we can work outside,’ and so we’re outside of the SuperOne stores this year,” said organizer Paul Vizanko. “The people have been so generous with their donations and buying. It’s probably going to be one of our best years ever.”

The Hot Dog and Brat Sale has helped raise $390,000 to provide support for children and healthcare facilities.

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