City of Duluth Begins Installing ‘Snow Emergency Route’ Signs

DULUTH, Minn. — It may be warm out, but the city of Duluth is already getting prepared for snow emergencies.

City crews are right now installing 2,300 snow emergency signs along 120 miles of streets that are considered critical to keep clear of snow during a big weather event.

The signage means whenever the city declares a snow emergency by 4 p.m. all vehicles must be off those designated streets so crews can more effectively clear roads without zig-zagging around vehicles, and then making multiple trips to the same street.

“Increasing that efficiency, they’re going to be able to increase their production rate. How quickly they can remove the snow on these major routes and as soon as that’s done they can move on to their residential streets and alleys a whole lot faster than they could in the past,” said Jim Benner, the city of Duluth’s director of public works.

The signs will be fully installed by September.

The project cost $315,000.

Residents will get an information brochure in the mail with all the rules involving snow emergencies to avoid getting towed.

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