Excitement Builds as Lakewalk Project Nears Completetion

DULUTH, Minn-While the Lakewalk remains closed in Canal Park, it is noticeable through the chain link fence that the project is getting close to being completed.

In the meantime, tourists and locals continue to be relegated to a gravel path adjacent to the Lakewalk to enjoy the scenery, but excitement is building for when the Lakewalk finally reopens.

I am very excited; I mean I’m glad that I still get to come down here at all. When I walked down here today I wasn’t sure this would even be open, so I’m happy that I at least get this, but being on the boardwalk will be nice, get a better view of the lake. It’ll be nice for more people to get to enjoy it and I think tourists are expecting to have a boardwalk to walk on when they come into town. So it’ll be nice to have that for them.

The city of Duluth hopes the Lakewalk will be completed in time for Grandma’s Marathon next month.

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