It is Once Again Mosquito Season in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn-With the snow being gone and temperatures on the rise, all the standing water that is left behind means it is once again mosquito season.

Mosquitoes typically will come out around the second weekend in May, but with the wet April that we had, they came out a few weeks early this year.  Despite how dry it has been the last couple of weeks, the mosquitoes have not slowed down.

“What they like to do is breed in those swampy areas. They don’t like running water at all.  So when that snow melts, there’s a lot of standing water and that’s where they just, they go immediately to that and just start making more mosquitoes, said Kevin Bauman, owner of Pink Mosquito.

To limit the mosquito population around your house, Kevin says to empty half-used watering pales, eliminate areas where water can pool, and to cover your wood piles.

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