NorthlandAlert Used For First Time To Alert Public Of Loose NERCC Inmate

ST. LOUIS CO., Minn. — If you ever want to be aware of emergency situations unfolding in St. Louis County as they happen, you can sign up for NorthlandAlert.

It’s a free warning service you can subscribe to and get alerts through emails, texts, and phone calls.

It covers many types of emergency situations in the county, and was used this past weekend to let people know that an inmate had escaped from NERCC, and provided a description of him.\

That escapee notification was introduced this past fall, and used for the first time over the weekend.

“I think it’s a credit to the facility The Arrowhead Regional Corrections leadership, to say yeah we’ll let you know when somebody walks away from our facility,” Dewey Johnson, the St. Louis County emergency operations manager, said. “They don’t always like to broadcast that, but it is a public safety issue also and it also helps locate them, if somebody sees somebody walking through their backyard, or looking around their buildings, or going into one of their sheds, they can call 911. We can get deputies in there and responders there quickly to help secure that suspect.”

You can sign up at

It covers the entire county, with 23 cities.

You don’t need to sign up for it to get evacuation or shelter-in-place orders. Those are automatically sent to your phone like AMBER Alerts are.



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