Local Food Bank Launches Campaign to Promote Food Access For Seniors

DULUTH, Minn-May is Older Americans Month and Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank is kicking off a campaign to make food resources available to seniors who may not know they exist.

The number of seniors seeking food assistance has increased 41% this year compared with last spring. Second harvest works with 130 different charitable feeding programs in the region to provide food to local communities and want seniors to know assistance is available to them.

“Certainly for seniors, we know many live on a fixed income, they experience more chronic health issues, for us it really feels good that the community has supported us in a way over the last year that we can even make more food resources available to seniors and then even families and children in our region,” said executive director Shaye Moris.

Second Harvest offers many programs to help get food into the homes of those who need assistance.

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