Saint Luke’s Honors EMS Workers

DULUTH, Minn-EMT’s are being celebrated throughout the Northland during EMS week including at Saint Luke’s.

Typically, Saint Luke’s would hold a cook-out for the EMS workers, but due to covid, they had to do something different. So, they put together goody-bags filled with snacks and hand sanitizer to say thank you for all the hard work.

“They go out in every kind of weather. They go out to every type of horrible thing. They’re out there in the uncontrolled environment, going into ditches, going into homes that maybe aren’t the best place. So they’re out there always putting on a professional front, always saying the right things to our patients, providing that care,” said trauma program director Jane Smalley.

Jane says the best way we as a community can show our appreciation to the EMS workers is to pull over when the ambulance is coming and a simple thank you when you see them always goes a long way.

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