The Grumpy Goose: A New Vegan Food Truck Rolling Through Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — A new vegan food truck just opened in Duluth, offering comfort food so those with plant-based diets don’t have to miss out.

It’s called The Grumpy Goose, and it’s run by owner Josh Gosar and his family.

“Through the pandemic, I spent a lot of time sitting at home, working through recipes and things to make,” Gosar explained.

He’s been a vegan for almost two years.

Gosar was a basketball player at the College of St. Scholastica, and then after college he played in a semi-pro football team.

The right plant-based diet can provide a lot of protein, but that message is usually buried in the athletic world.

“The biggest thing when I was younger was that you need to eat meat, you need to eat more protein to gain muscle,” he said.

So, his typical American diet continued into his adult life…and then he went to the doctor.

“As I got older, those same eating habits stuck with me,” Gosar said. “High cholesterol, high blood pressure, things like that. And I wasn’t necessarily overweight,  it was just that I wasn’t as healthy as I should’ve been.”

During all this, he took a trip out east with his family.

His wife is a vegan, so they made an effort to find vegan food during their road trip.

One restaurant in South Carolina challenged Gosar to try a vegan diet for 21 days. He decided to go for it for three months.

“When I went back to the doctor, my blood pressure had gone to like 120/70, my cholesterol had dropped from over 200 to 140, so huge changes just in 3 months,” Josh said.

He also lost 15 pounds.

Josh says he’s never looked back since, but knows that as a vegan, you can still crave that classic comfort food, like burgers and fried chicken.

“Sometimes it’s a battle of willpower, but usually it’s like, I can go make whatever it is that I can get from any gas station or any fast food place, I can make that myself,” he said. “So why would I give up my personal health and my time with my children to go back to eating in a way I know wasn’t good for me.”

He adds that around this area, most places don’t fully cater to plant-based diets when it comes to offering vegan burgers with all the fixings, like cheese and chili, which is why he wanted to open The Grumpy Goose.

But, he wants you to know that you don’t have to be a vegan to stop by his truck and try it out.

“If you eat meat, but are willing to try something new, it’s just important to expand what we try…there’s no judgement here,” Gosar said. “If you ate a cheeseburger yesterday, but want to come and eat one of my cheeseburgers tomorrow, then awesome,  you’re more than welcome…just come and enjoy good food and try something new.”

If you want to know where The Grumpy Goose food truck is going next, you can follow their Facebook page for updates.

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