Duluth Library to Open with Masks, City Hall to Open Without

The Duluth Public Safety Building and Comfort Systems is also opening back up to the public Tuesday.

DULUTH, Minn.- The City Of Duluth has announced most of their public buildings will reopen to the public on June 1st, and while most things will be business as usual, don’t expect to ditch your masks at the library.

The doors to the main Duluth Public Library will open again to the public one June 7th after finishing construction, and the two branch locations at Mount Royal and West Duluth will open even sooner — next Tuesday.

“Not having people in the building has been kind of lonely,” said Carla Powers, Manager at the Library.

According to Powers, curbside pickup will still be offered at the main location only.

But they say they’ve heard people are excited not only to be face-to-face with staff again — but face-to-face with their books again — after more than a year of curbside browsing.

“It’s not the same as being in the presence of the books, to be able to look on the shelves and see what’s there or if you’re with kids, to let them pick out their own books from the shelf,” Powers said.

“That’s what drew all of us to work, is being able to help people find books or use computers, discover information,” said the Library Manager.

Much of the traditional library experience will be back, just play areas and most adult furniture will be absent.

The library is also encouraging everyone wear masks inside regardless of vaccination status, due to the presence of small kids who aren’t eligible for a shot yet.

“The library’s open to everyone and we want to keep everyone safe, and we’re asking everyone in the library to please wear a mask a little while longer,” Powers said.

June first will mark the reopening for much of the city’s affairs. The Duluth Public Safety Building and Comfort Systems is also opening back up to the public Tuesday.

Namely, City Hall will resume in-person services.

There will be a welcome desk where staff will ask people to take a health questionnaire before going on their way.

“I know just in hearing from them and interacting they’re really excited to also get to see the faces that they’re used to seeing and seeing more faces that haven’t been inside our building yet,” said Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer.

“I know our staff has missed the public, we’ve really missed the public, and I think the public has missed with interacting with us and seeing our faces,” she said.

Unlike the library, masks will not be required for employees or guests in City Hall but per CDC guidelines those not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to keep a mask on.

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