Forest Service Offers Tips on How To Prevent Wildfires

DULUTH, Minn.– The Superior National Forest is reminding the public of the near-critical fire conditions in the Northland as the amount of rain we’ve seen is low, and showers have been spotty.
As some areas experience droughts, the foliage is extra dry this spring.

Wildfires are a huge concern this time of year, and prevention is a priority, “we just ask people to continue to be aware, even if it appears green and we got some rain, just be aware that it could still be dry conditions if the humidity drops and it’s a sunny day out there,” Joanna Gilkeson, the Forest Service Spokesperson, said.

The national forests and parks are available for people to use and enjoy, but it is important to remember how to respect them to prevent any disasters, “we need help from everybody really to help take care of them and to steward them so any little bit of education and awareness that we can create is great,” Gilkeson said.

If you are planning on visiting, camping, or having a fire, it is recommended to have them in a designated ring and make sure you fully extinguish it with water before leaving.

There are many actions that can impact the prevention of wildfires, but being aware is the first step.

Click here to find out more about fire danger in the area, and to keep track of restrictions.

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