Duluth Fire Department Introduces New Car Extraction Tool

DULUTH, Minn.–The Duluth Fire Department went to Bayside Recycling this morning for their annual car extraction training.

This annual training is aimed at keeping the fire department sharp while being ready to respond to any situation.

So far in 2021, there have been 149 deaths from car crashes which is already 42 more than this time last year.

Duluth Fire Captain, Dan Smith, says with new technology in cars today, it is important to know how to adapt, when it comes to rescues.

“The ability to get into these vehicles that are harder to get in to, it takes a lot more training, a lot more knowledge, to keep us and to keep them safe,” Smith said.

Vehicles today are much safer for occupants, but make it harder for first responders to extract people in crashes.

Manufacturers are using laminated glass which is safer, but harder to cut through. A new tool called “the ripper”, which is windshield and laminated glass shears, is helping the fire department work faster in these situations.”It puts less dust in the air, less glass dust into the air, and allows us to access the vehicle a little quicker,” said Smith.

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most popular traveling weekends of the year in Minnesota and across the nation, as more than 37 million Americans are traveling.

It’s important to be aware of reckless driving, and how to respond in these situations.

Remember to call 911 if any emergencies come up.


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