Grandmothers and Veterans for Peace Gathered to Map Out War Spending

DULUTH, Minn. — In Duluth on the Lake Walk today, Grandmothers for Peace and Veterans for Peace gathered to draw attention to both the human and financial costs of war.

They set up signs citing numbers from a Brown University study called “The Costs of War Project” that analyzed how many people have been affected by conflicts and how much money was spent on the military and defense budget since 9/11.

The two groups shared why they believe both America and the rest of the world would be better off finding alternative solutions to ending conflicts besides going to war. Dorothy Wolden, Representative of the Core Group of the Northland Chapter of Grandmothers for Peace said, “one of the big messages from our two groups, Veterans for Peace and Grandmothers for Peace, is if you really want to honor veterans, if you really want to respect their sacrifice, end war, work for peace, work for justice”.

Their hope is to spread information to the public on how there are other programs that need financing and ask for a re-prioritization when it comes to war spending.

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