New Canal Park Business Opens

Duluth Love opened in early May

DULUTH, Minn. — “We kind of cater to a really special crowd,” Duluth Love Owner, Garrett Kirwan says.

The company Pandora’s Box owns about eight stores around the Midwest including one in Wisconsin Dell.

In early May, they opened up shop down in Canal Park.

“Luckily things were able to fall together for us and we were able to pick up a couple locations,” Kirwan says.

It’s marketed as a one stop shop for Duluth.

“We sell nothing but top notch quality garments, souvenirs, knick-knacks. That sort of thing,” Kirwan says.

Owners hope that their new home brings more business with the added foot traffic.

“Canal Park is a great area. A high traffic tourist area. Lots of great people,” Kirwan says.

Their other business, Duluth Deals, is positioned right next to the toy shop in the next building.

“Kinda like be a high volume discount store. It’s going to be a lower price store. The concept of that store is everything in the store is 9.95 or less,” Kirwan says.

And as tourism picks up, owners can’t wait to bring put their products on the shelves.

“I’m hoping it just thrives with tourists. People want to get out of their house and do a little shopping,” Kirwan says.


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