City Offices and Buildings Re-Opening to the Public

DULUTH, Minn.–┬áToday, Duluth’s City Hall and the community branches of the Duluth Public Library re-opened to the public. After a year of assisting through masks and plexi-glass, the city is ready to help its community indoors, and face-to-face.

It has been over a year since city hall was closed to the citizens of Duluth, and staff are happy to put an end to remote-working, spending time with their colleagues again, but also making connection with the public. “This is really a marked opportunity for all of our city employees to kind of come back, come back together, do the work that we’ve been doing throughout the pandemic, but maybe do it in a way where we’re able to engage and interact with the public more,” Chelsea Helmer, the Director of Administrative Services, said.

Not only do the changes invite employees and the public back inside, but the main Duluth Public Library, which opens fully on June 7th, is happy to offer a place for people to go, for more than just books. “That is the most important service that we provide is a place for people to come for whatever reason and it might be to check out books, but it might be to charge your cell phone, or just to have a comfortable place to spend some time,” Carla Powers, the Duluth Public Library Manager, said.

The city hall has added a few new components like a welcome desk to help direct people coming in, hoping it will assist the community even more, and enrich their experience. Visitors, however, do not have to wear a mask.

“The city is a large entity, we provide a number of services for the public and sometimes that can be confusing for folks so its helpful when you have staff that are extremely knowledgeable and that can help direct people to better serve them,” Helmer said.

The public library is eager to serve their members as well face-to-face, but still wants its visitors to wear a mask due to un-vaccinated children visiting the site. “Our staff has kept very busy over all of these months, we’ve provided services as best we could, in a safe manner, but it’s just not the same as talking to someone in person,” Powers said.

Other places that re-opened Tuesday to the public include the Public Safety Building and Comfort Systems.

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