Great Outdoors: Golf Shop Sales

A large part of what they do is custom fitted clubs helping golfers make bigger strides.

DULUTH, Minn. — Nevada Bobs is a full service golf store offering a little something for every golf enthusiast.

“Anything golf related we carry and we sell. We also have simulators that we use for custom fitting which is bread our bread and butter of what we do,” Nevada Bob’s Golf Manager, Dan Szymczak says.

With everyone working at the store involved with golf in some capacity they are always looking to help customers improve their game.

“If you’re with the wrong stuff, non-fitted stuff. You can really only get as good as that equipment will allow you in however much that equipment is holding you back,” Szymczak says.

A large part of what they do is custom fitted clubs helping golfers make bigger strides.

“Far more often than not, we have people say that they love the clubs,” Szymczak says.

“They have never played better. It’s the best set of clubs they have ever bought. I think that a big chunk of that is because they are getting custom fitted. It’s not just that we are getting them into the right model of club but we’re also customizing the club to them as well.”

After closing for a time due to the pandemic and reopening last summer they saw an increase in the amount of players wanting to go out on the links.

“At a time of the year when it would normally see it start to slow down, it was crazy,” Szymczak says.

“It was crazy in here. And our sales season then lasted much deeper into the year then it normally would which is awesome. We saw so many new faces, new people in the store. New players coming to the game.”

That increased in sales carried to the beginning of 2021 and beyond.

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