Local Hardware Stores Stocking up For Hot Temperatures

DULUTH, Minn.– Spring has brought a mix of cold and hot days, but as temperatures steadily climb into the 80’s towards the end of the week, local hardware stores are stocking up on air conditioning units and fans in light of the hot weather.

The owner of Marshall Hardware in Lakeside is happy to offer products for any time of year, or temperature, but their variety of products is what helps the store be prepared for any situation.

“We usually keep everything available, the heaters are there if it’s cold, like last weekend it was chilly on the shore, people were buying heaters. This week its going to be hot, so we’ll be selling a lot of fans and AC units so we keep an open stock, year-round,” Steve Marshall, the Owner of Marshall Hardware, said.

Marshall Hardware in Lakeside hasn’t had a big run on AC’s yet, but says once the temperatures heat up more, customers will flock to the store.

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