Inline Marathon Celebrating 25 Year Anniversary

DULUTH, Minn.– The Inline Marathon announced its in-person return this summer, after holding the race virtually last year. They expect over 2,000 applicants, and announced a couple of new additions for the festival being held September 17th through the 19th.

As they celebrate the races 25th anniversary, they introduced new branding, themes, and even a new race director, Zach Burns. NorthShore Inline brings their Friday night expo back, and the Saturday night Roller Jam, both at the DECC in Duluth.

“We’re back, events are back, Visit Duluth is back, and Grandmas Marathon is back, we’re super excited to be going, and planning our event which is in September,” Skeeter Moore, the Executive Director said.

With eight different races being offered, and three different ways to participate in them, like roller skating, running, and roller skiing, the Inline Marathon offers 10-k’s, half, full and combined marathons (39 miles), and two new sprint events this year for ages five and up.

The marathon has already received positive feedback from the community, and welcomes anyone interested.

“The Inline Marathon and what we provide is not just for the elite skater, it’s for everybody, and we want to make not just a marathon, but the skate fest. So if you can roll, you can come and participate in what we’re doing,” Zach Burns, the Inline Race Director, said.

They are also looking to get the community involved by meeting once a week at 6:00 PM,  starting June 15th, and every other Tuesday, at the Munger Trailhead to go for an hour skate, and attend a local brewery after.

To find out more about the upcoming races, or different ways to get involved click here.

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