Local Dog Survives Falling Off Superior Hiking Trail Ledge

GRAND MARAIS, Minn.– Minnesota native Julian Stanke and his girlfriend, Amanda, went for a hike on the Superior Hiking Trail in Cook County on Sunday afternoon. When they stopped to take a picture one mile into the hike, their dog Bogi slipped off of his leash and ran away.

After almost two hours, and seven miles of searching later, Bogi was heard barking, 30 feet down from the trail on a cliff, with no where to go.

“I could see him, and he was standing, he looked physically well, he was responding to his name looking back at us and barking,” Stanke said.

It was already late and there was no easy or safe way down to Bogi, so Stanke had to make the hard decision to leave him, and return with help early in the morning.

“We were super fortunate that he stayed put, you know that was the best thing he could have done and I think that probably kept him safe too from other animals,” Stanke said.

A post from Stanke on the Superior Hiking Trail page on Facebook led them to find help.

The post received over 100 shares, and hundreds of reactions from people on the page. All over Minnesota, people were offering advice or help, and a conservation officer stepped in.

“It was fairly late in the evening so I saw his last post that they were going to be back early in the morning and if anyone could show up, and I thought ‘it doesn’t really look like they’ve got much help coming’,” Mary Manning, the Conservation Officer from Cook County, said.

On Memorial Day around 5 AM, Stanke, his girlfriend, and Officer Manning met at the trail and sent Stanke rappelling over the edge to rescue his dog.

“He was a little apprehensive to come over for a second, then when he realized it was me, he came over and just collapsed right into my lap and I was able to put that life jacket on him and it was just a very emotional 12 hour window there,” Stanke said about reuniting with Bogi that morning.

Officer Manning gave advice on how to handle these kinds of situations, and gave credit to Stanke for making the right call in a tough moment, “sometimes, those tough decisions do have to be made, and in that case I think he absolutely did the right thing, you try to do what you can, but don’t put yourself at risk.”

Bogi only had a scratch under his elbow but no other injuries were found.

“We cannot express enough how grateful we were for Officer Manning, but also for the people in the Superior Hiking Trail page,” said Stanke.

The DNR suggests being prepared for any length hike, be aware of the weather and trails before heading out on hikes, and it’s always a good idea to bring a map.

If your pet gets lost on the trail as well, you should also leave articles of clothing for them to track and follow to safety.

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