The End of an Era: Carr’s Hobby Shop Final Auction

Carr Passed Away Abruptly One Year Ago; He Was 79

DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland is nearing the end of an era.

After years in business, and countless items collected, the final pieces of collectible items from Duluthian Jack Carr’s collection will be auctioned off Saturday, June 5.

Organizers say this could be your chance to own a piece of history that you’ll never see again.

“I’m wound up very tight,” said Forrest Evavold, owner of Nordic Auction.

The amount of emotion put into locomotion in Duluth’s west end this weekend is unimaginable.

“He was one of the most well-known collectors throughout the United States if not the world,” said Evavold.

Jack Carr owned Carr’s Hobby Shop up until two years ago. Sadly, Carr passed away abruptly at the age of 79 just one year ago.

“I’m very honored, Jack just had this collection that was one-of-a-kind,” said Evavold.

On Saturday, the eighth and final auction will take place, giving folks from around the world a chance to purchase a piece of history and detail.

“We were able to go into his own home, his sanctuary, and gather this stuff up.”

Evavold’s business is located along Courtland Street in Duluth.

“Some of these trains are $300 trains, and some are $4,000 trains,” said Evavold.

The upcoming auction will attract bidders in-person, and online. (NATS) Customers are coming in from South Caroline, Indiana, and Ohio, as well as interest in items from China, Japan, and Italy.

“I’m hoping the local community comes out and supports this and has the opportunity. Some of this stuff you’ll never see again,” said Evavold.

Evavold is enthusiastic, yet emotional going into the weekend. After preparing for this auction since Christmas, it brings a smile to his face to know these items will soon live on through the legacy of Mr. Carr.

“It’s the end of an era. I’ve known Jack my whole life, this is the end of an era here, the last of who Jack was. Jack was Mr. Railroad.”

Aside from model trains, the auction will also feature four brass plates, steam whistles from trains and ships, as well as toys from Carr’s collection.

The event begins Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Nordic Auction in Duluth. Click here to join.

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