Local Boy Scouts Install 70 Bat Boxes

DULUTH, Minn.– Today the Voyageur’s Council of Boy Scouts of America spent some time in the woods near Island Lake building houses for the area’s bat populations.

The scouts built and installed 70 bat boxes around the area. Experts from Minnesota Forest Industries say much of the bat species has plummeted 90 percent in recent years due to a fungus which causes white-nosed syndrome.

While they say habitat loss isn’t part of the problem the bat houses give forest bats a place to raise their young during the summer months away from predators.

“Normally a bat might find a tree or something with loose bark for the baby’s to climb into to stay safe during the night when the mother is trying to forge for food,” said Mateo Sandoval of Troop 106 in Hermantown.

“Boy Scouts were amazing. This is not an easy job. When I first called them they thought we were going to be putting up little bird boxes, not these 16 foot tall tamarack heavy boxes,” said Rick Horton, Director of Forest Policy for Minnesota Forest Industries.

The boxes were built from native tamarack trees that were harvested sustainably from public lands.

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