USPCA K9 Trials Wrap Up

Over 60 teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois came out to the three day event. 

ASHLAND, Wisc. — The USPCA’s Upper Midwest region along with the Ashland police department helped put on the event which helps patrol K9’s get recertified.

“We come down to trials and try to promote our dogs as much as possible and get them in the best ability that they can,” Ashland Police Officer, Nick Ovaska says.

Over 60 teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois came out to the three day event.

“On Monday we had the obedience, agility, the suspect search and article search as well,” Ovaska says.

They  also were able to showcase their skills to the public in apprehension along with gunfire and handler protection

“Training isn’t enough, it’s born in them. To see these dogs perform is just amazing. The toughness the focus is unbelievable,” Wisconsin Resident, Debbie Alongi says.

The event also allows handlers to strengthen their bond with their teammate.

“The handler and the dog they are with them 24/7. They come to work with them all the time. It’s their partner basically,” Ovaska says.

Like officer Steven Hughes and his german shepard Zeus who have been together for three years.

“You build that bond to make sure you know that I have his back and he has mine. He’s going to perform at the level I ask him to do. That bond is pretty special because he listens to me and solely me,” La Crosse Police Officer, Steven Hughes says.

A bond only strengthens with more community involvement like this USPCA event.

“These dogs do a lot of great things for us. The interaction we get from the public and support from the public we get is huge,” Hughes says.

Next year the USPCA event will be hosted down in Rochester, Minnesota.



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