Lake Superior Zoo is Aiding Animals Through Thermal Imaging

DULUTH, Minn.– The Lake Superior Zoo has been granted a special piece of equipment that allows them to make diagnoses on their animals from a distance.

Through a thermal imaging camera Lake Superior Zoo is utilizing a new piece of equipment that is helping them find different injuries in their animals.

Teletherm Infared, based out of Florida, granted Amy Gallagher, a certified veterinary technician, a loan of equipment that makes her job a little easier.

“Yeah we can detect things like tendinitis, muscle sprains, screens, inflammation from arthritis, a lot of different things,” Gallagher said.

By making a phone call and under-going a training program, Gallagher received the equipment and started using it immediately.

The benefits of this technology expands far beyond the surface though, it allows veterinarians to not have to sedate or set up x-rays to make a diagnosis which prevents animals from going through more than they need for treatment.

“It’s a nice tool to have without having to sedate the animals, fear-free, its contact free, it’s nice and easy,” Gallagher said.

Although animals are good at self-regulating in different temperatures, the thermal technology also allows veterinarians to see if they are suffering from heat stroke.

So far, the zoo has diagnosed many smaller injuries like a macaw with arthritis, and plans to continue its use throughout the grounds during a 90-day loan period.

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