Man Drowns In St. Louis River After Attempting To Rescue 2 Children

DULUTH, Minn.– A father from Superior is dead after drowning in the St. Louis River while trying to help save two children struggling in the water. One of those children was his own.

“There was multiple agencies participating in the rescue. Good communication, good coordination. Unfortunately, the outcome is not what we or anyone else wanted,” said Duluth Assistant Fire Chief Dennis Edwards.

This drowning comes just days after a near-drowning in Lake Superior off Park Point this weekend.

Multiple first responding agencies were out in Duluth this afternoon following the drowning of a man who tried to save young two girls.

31-year old Kevin Ingles of Superior drowned Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to save two young girls in the St. Louis River, one of which was Ingles’ 8-year old daughter.

“I just want to send my condolences from all of us that were out there today to the family,” said Edwards.

The call for help came in around two p.m. near Boy Scout Landing in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood off Commonwealth Avenue.

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office says two children were swimming along a sandbar in the St. Louis River when they went under. Ingles then went in after the children but never came out.

Witnesses said that a five and an 8 year old child was swimming in the water here out in front of boy scout about 25 feet out. There was a struggle in the water. There’s a sandbar… “The dad went out to save the kids, got the kids to safety, and the dad went down and has not been seen since,” said lt. Todd Abernethy of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office.

The kids were brought into shore thanks in part to a nearby boater.

Then more than three hours later. Rescue crews were able to locate ingles’ body using advanced sonar. His body was removed around 5-30 with remote underwater vehicles.

“We had multiple agencies out there and all working together well,” said Edwards.

Duluth Fire Department Assistant Chief Dennis Edwards was on scene during the rescue. He says no matter how many years of rescue experience, it never gets easier when someone loses their life.

“Over my 30 years in this business, you go through these calls and they are very tough to deal with. More so after the fact,” said Edwards. “We have mechanisms in place to take care of our responders. Today we’re focused on the family.”

The father of the victim tonight released a short statement to us saying his son “died a hero today.”

Officials have not said if there was any type of contributing factor in this drowning like some type of strong current in the river where this happened. An investigation is underway.

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