New Paddle Board Excursions with Zenith Adventure

DULUTH, Minn.– Zenith Adventure, which operates out of Vista in Duluth, is introducing two new paddle board excursions that take place during sunrise and sunset.

Paddle board rentals are open now, but beginning July 2nd, these sunrise and set excursions will be available to the public, and everybody is welcome, no matter what skill level you are.

“I think just seeing peoples reactions when they come back in and how fulfilling it was to see sunrise and get that experience and that they were capable of doing it is the best part for me,” Sarah Pohl, an Adventure Specialist at Zenith Adventure said.

When asked where the inspiration for these new additions came from, Pohl said “I thought it’d be cool to start paddling the lake while the sun is shifting and changing, and my favorite part about sunrise is the sky, you never know what its going to be. [It’s] kind of like chasing northern lights, it’s a surprise every time, like what kind of colors you’re going to get, or how good the sunrise is. So, I just thought it’d be cool to be on the big lake and that’s the best way to get a front row seat to seeing the sunrise.”

Boards are available to rent, or you can bring your own. There are a variety of classes and rentals to partake in.

To find out how to book your appointments now, click here.


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