Park Point Residents Launch Operation Slow Motion

DULUTH, Minn.– After an extreme car accident on Park Point in October 2020 almost killed several people, the residents of the point decided it was time for a change, and announced the launching of Operation Slow Motion today.

The residents started a neighborhood watch in the January following the accident and 30 volunteers hold signs on the point encouraging traffic to slow down and write down license plate numbers of drivers who are speeding.

“Ultimately, we really want park point residents and visitors alikeĀ  to recognize that traffic safety on the point is just as important as water safety on the point,” Pat Sterner, a Park Point resident and Chair of the Operation Slow Motion Committee, said.

The police department has also installed two radar signs, and has increased patrol on the point to watch and deter drivers going above the speed limit.

The residents of Park Point also say they have noticed an improvement since the introduction of their neighborhood watch, and they hope Operation Slow Motion receives community support and recognition.

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