City of Duluth Works to Maintain Wade Stadium During Busy Summer

With high school section playoffs and the Duluth Huskies being home, it's been a busy week at Wade Stadium. But thanks to the artificial turf put in in 2014, the stadium has been made easier to maintain.

DULUTH, Minn. – With the Huskies season underway and section baseball playoffs wrapping up, Wade Stadium was a busy spot throughout the week.

“That’s what we look forward to all year. After having nothing here last year so to have it all come back and get it all get going is nice,” lead worker for the City of Duluth Jack Schade said.

While it was a buys week for Wade Stadium between section playoffs and the Duluth Huskies, the field is easy to maintain thanks to the new artificial turf put in in 2014.

“There’s not as much as maintenance versus what was here before. it really just comes down to addressing the high wear areas and a drag mat once or twice a week,” Schade said.

Making the full slate of games and unpredictable Duluth weather no issue for the grounds crew.

“The easiest part was the pitching bound, which was the hardest part when it was just a dirt mound. A lot of time and effort goes into prepping it. And then you have to hope that mother nature doesn’t dump water on you whereas this, we have no worries at all. I can fire a game in here one after another all day long with no problems,” Schade added.

While multiple other fields in the Northland have also switched to artificial turf, the multi use of Wade Stadium from high school to college to Northwoods League make it a place many have come to enjoy.

“It’s different for the most part, from any other ball field in the area. Just the stadium, the roof, we’ve got a good sound system and obviously the turf. For as old as it is, it’s a nicer place that a lot of these teams get to play in,” Schade said.

And keeping it well-maintained helps fans, players and workers get the full experience.

“It means a lot. You get to hear the atmosphere and the people chant and sounds like they all like it too and that’s what I want to hear,” Schade said.

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