Duluth Goat Yoga Provides ‘a little escape from reality’ at New Location

Goat yoga came to Duluth in 2020, operating outside different breweries in the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn.- After starting last year as a pop up activity throughout the Northland, Duluth Goat Yoga is back with the grand opening of its new permanent outdoor studio this weekend.

“It’s yoga-optional, people mostly come for the goats,” said founder Angela Abernathy. 

In a tranquil grove of trees on Hegberg Road near Minnesota 61, people gathered for the unique form of yoga Saturday. 

“I think people are just looking for novelty,” Abernathy said. “Just looking at the goats they kind of make you smile and laugh.”

Goat yoga came to Duluth in 2020, operating outside different breweries in the Northland.

Now Abernathy has her own spot for her goats to graze, and a permanent studio for the yoga craze. “I think this has always been the goal in mind,” she said. 

“Just with the timing we weren’t able to open last year. We just wanted to give the Northland a unique experience,” said Abernathy. 

The first class of the season was a mix of returning yogis and newcomers who heard about the idea online.

“Interesting driving out here you could see it’s really rural,” first-timer Kristen Momont said. “But then seeing this little forest tucked in and the little oasis with the goats and the hay in there it’s perfect.”

Goat yoga isn’t all that different from regular yoga.

An instructor leads people through typical moves while staff keeps track of the goats and helps them get involved — some just need to reach a snack to help you find your chakra.

“I could hear it crunching, someone put a little bit of grain on my back, I could hear the little crunches, it was fun.” said Momont. 

Or, you could just come and buddy up with some “billys,” no yoga required.

“They’re non-allergenic, their temperament is a cross between a cat and a dog so they’re very friendly but they also kind of do their own thing and are hilarious to watch,” Abernathy said.

It’s that unique goat behavior that got Momont hooked. 

“I think just being around the animals too takes one’s mind off oneself and things that need to be done and just enjoy nature,” she said. 

And after a year of nothing but stress for some, Abernathy hopes her new location and her goat friends can be the release people are looking for.

“The goats help people two relax and have fun and I think people like myself need that nowadays, just a little escape from reality,” she said. 

You can check available Saturdays and sign up on Duluth Goat Yoga’s website and Facebook page.

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