Fire Danger Warnings in the Northland

CARLTON, Minn.– Due to the lack of rain and low humidity levels, a high fire danger warning has been issued in much of the Northland, with burning restrictions in place.

Portions of Saint Louis, Carlton, and Itasca Counties currently have high fire danger warning and experts are encouraging acute awareness now more than ever as we continue into a dry season.

Jay Cooke state park sees tons of visitors every year, and Ty Ganglehoff, the Assistant Manager of the park, is here to remind us how to enjoy these amenities, but carefully.

“Right now, the park is in a high fire danger area here. Within the viewing area it will range from moderate to very high overall,” Ganglehoff said.

The park has done a nice job creating pits that have grates built on and higher walls to contain flame and prevent flammable materials from blowing in, but they ask that you don’t make the fire any bigger than you have to.

In the picnic areas another potential fire-starting concern is charcoal used for grilling and disposing of it properly is important to prevent any re-ignition from still-hot embers.

“If you are taking charcoal remains from a grill, make sure that it’s fully out, and be very careful to not put those in bags and potentially throw that into the garbage,” Ganglehoff said.

Jay Cooke offers a variety of outdoor trails and areas to enjoy, but they do want to remind the public to not swim in the river at the park because of dangerous currents.

To keep track of fire danger or burning restrictions, click here for more information.

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