Boomtown Holds Soft Opening

Boomtown restaurant on Martin Road in Duluth, held a soft opening on Monday with plans of fully opening in early July.

DULUTH, Minn.-A popular restaurant on the Iron Range has made its way down to Duluth and is getting ready to open fully.

Boomtown Restaurant on Martin Road in Duluth, held a soft opening last week with plans of fully opening in early July.

“Locations typically don’t fail. Once you find a good location you go for it,” Boomtown Owner, Erik Lietz says.

Owners say, opening gradually is allowing them to bring on more staff for the busy summer season and making sure everyone is up to speed.

“I’ve been down this road where you just kind of opened the doors and you end up with a line. It’s not good for the staff, it’s not good for the customers. We’re going to slowly ease into this and let everyone get trained in and do it the right way,” Lietz says.

The restaurant has American food like burgers, wings and steaks but with a little added flair

“It’s things people are comfortable with. We use a little bit different ingredients. We try to do a little scratch cooking as much as we can. We try to add our beer in the food as well. It’s just something you won’t typically see at other places,” Lietz says.

Although the restaurant is still taking walk-ins, patrons are strongly urged to call ahead so they can make sure the kitchen can keep up with the demand.

“You’ve got a lot of colleges down here and I think we could possibly push the food envelope a little more down here. Hopefully the things that work here we can move up to the range,” Lietz says.

For more information on hours the menu, click here.

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