NRRI Looks to Public to Measure Stream Height

DULUTH, Minn.– Since 2017, the Natural Resources Research Institute has placed measurement gauges in streams throughout Duluth and neighboring areas, and now they continue to need your help in tracking this important data.

Those participating can text in the height of the water to a national database that uses the recording to study stream behavior and environmental impacts. Organizers says its important to pay attention to our streams and what runs through them.

“I’m hoping [this will] build a better connection for people and understanding the things that we do on the land impact the waters,” Tiffany Sprague, Storm Water Research Coordinator at NRRI, said.

With 19 gauges in place, and more than 4,000 texts received in the database so far, they are looking to continue the input from the community.

To find out where these gauges are or how to contribute, click here.

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