The Zeitgeist Healthy Hillside Steering Team Holds Wellness Festival

DULUTH, Minn.- The Zeitgeist Healthy Hillside Steering Team partnered with local organizations to host an inaugural Wellness Festival in Duluth, offering services to adults and kids.

The event was held at the Damiano Center and promoted resources connected to financial assistance, mental health, physical hygiene and wellbeing, and more.

The event featured COVID-19 vaccines, portable showers, haircut stations, children’s dental exams, food bags, and much more, all free to anyone there.

“One of the needs the Healthy Hillside team identified early on was to address some of the mental health struggles folks have gone through due to isolation,” said organizer Andrea Crouse.

The Zeitgeist Healthy Hillside Steering team is a group of community connectors addressing the impacts of COVID-19 in the Hillside neighborhood.

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